Pre-congress workshop
August 14-15, 2019

Gynecological Endoscopic Surgical Education and Assessment (GESEA) program of the EUROPEAN SOCIETY FOR GYNECOLOGIC ENDOSCOPY (ESGE) hosted by the PHILIPPINE SOCIETY FOR GYNECOLOGIC ENDOSCOPY (PSGE) (With the institutional Support of KARL STORZ)

August 16, 2019 Day 1 (Friday)

Emcee: Dr. Marinella Agnes Abat
President Dr. Prudence Aquino-Aquino
President Dr. Wachyu Hadisaputra
Chairman of the Board Dr. Chyi Long-Lee
Director Dr. Rudy Leon de Wilde
OVERVIEW OF THE CONGRESS Overall Chair and Vice President
Dr. Maria Antonia Habana
0815 Live surgery
Hysteroscopy cases:
CASE 1 Diagnostic
CASE 2 Myomectomy
CASE 3 Uterine septum
Dr. Rudi Campo,
Dr. Giuseppi Bigatti and
Dr. Attilio di Spiezo Sardo Laparoscopy cases:
CASE 4 Myomectomy
CASE 6: Ovarian cystectomy
CASE 7: Endometrial CA
Dr. Rajesh Devassy, Dr. Sven Becker,
Dr. Chyi-Long Lee, and
Dr. Kuan-Gen Huang

PANEL (Quirino Memorial Medical Center)
Dr. German Tan-Cardoso
Dr. Prudence Aquino-Aquino
Dr. Zoraida Umipig-Guevara
Moderator: Dr. Jennifer Aranzamendez
Coordinator: Dr. Angelica Anne Chua PANEL (EDSA Shangri-la Hotel)
Dr. Regta Pichay
Dr. Chiaoling Sua-Lao
Dr. Delfin Tan
Dr. Angela Aguilar
Moderator: Dr. Carmencita Tongco
Coordinator: Dr. Margaret Joyce Limson
Industry Sponsored Lunch Symposium
1300 Plenary Session 1:
East meets West
Chair: Dr. German Tan-Cardoso
Co-chair: Dr. Gladys Tanangonan
  Keynote Lectures:
  PSGE The Other Side of Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgery
Speaker: Dr. Delfin Tan
  APAGE The Evolution of Gynecologic Surgery
Speaker: Dr. Chyi-Long Lee
  ESGE Digital Hysteroscopic Clinic:  a new concept for ambulatory patient care
Speaker:  Dr. Rudi Campo
1430 Industry Sponsored Snack Symposium
1445 Booth Visit
  Simultaneous Sessions
  Simultaneous Session 4
“Updates in hysteroscopy and laparoscopy”
Chair: Dr. Jean Go-Du
Co-chair:  Dr. Noel Raymundo
Simultaneous Session 5
“Laparoscopy for Gynecologic Oncology”
Chair: Dr. Doris Benavides Co-chair: Dr. Renee Sicam
Simultaneous Session 6
“MIGS for Reproductive Medicine”
Chair: Dr. Regina Paz Tan-Espiritu
Co-chair: Dr. Madonna Domingo
1500 Uterine scar rupture - Prediction, prevention, diagnosis, and management
Speaker:Dr. Vasilios Tanos
Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy in early cervical cancer: What is the status now after the LACC Trial?
Speaker: Dr. Sven Becker
Endoscopic and Ultrasound Diagnosis and Therapy of Benign Pathology of the Uterine Wall
Speaker: Dr. Hugo Verhoeven
1520 Hysteroscopic approach to diagnosis and therapy of adenomyosis
Speaker: Dr. Rudi Campo
Hysteroscopy in fertility-sparing management for early endometrial cancer Speaker: Dr. Ursula Catena Minimal invasive evaluation of the female infertility tract
Speaker: Dr. Hugo Verhoeven
1540 The Shaver Approach to Submucosal myomas
Speaker: Dr. Giuseppe Bigatti
Energy-based surgical devices
Speaker: Dr. Rajesh Devassy
Ovarian endometrioma: When and How to Treat
Speaker: Dr. Rudy Leon de Wilde
1600-1620 Practical tricks of the Shaver technique
 Speaker: Dr. Giuseppe Bigatti
Approaching the Retroperitoneum during Gynecologic Surgery: Maximizing Pelvic space
Speaker: Dr. Ursula Catena
Hysteroscopic evaluation and treatment of intrauterine adhesions
Speaker: Dr. Attilio di Spiezio Sardo

August 17, 2019 Day 2 Main Congress (Saturday)


Plenary Session 2: Reproductive Surgery Chair: Dr. Eileen Manalo
Co-chair: Dr. Asuncion Fernandez
0800 Indications for hysteroscopic surgery under the Updated Classification of AUB Dr. Regta Pichay
0830 Hysteroscopic diagnosis and surgical management of Mullerian abnormalities Dr. Vasilios Tanos
0900 Role of laparoscopy in ovarian cancer Dr.  Sven Becker
0930 Fertility preservation in Cervical Cancer Treatment Dr. Kuan-Gen Huang
1000 Industry Sponsored Snack symposium
Booth visit
  Plenary Session 3: Techniques in MIGS Chair: Dr. Zoraida Umipig-Guevarra
Co-chair: Dr. Marlyn Dee
1030 Past, Present and Future of Adhesion Prophylaxis in Abdominal Gynecological Surgery Dr. Rudy Leon De Wilde
1100 In-bag morcellation in laparoscopy Dr. Rajesh Devassy
1130 Hysteroscopic management for challenging submucous myoma Dr. Attilio de Spiezio Sardo
1200 Patient safety in Hysteroscopy Dr. Wachyu Hadisaputra
Industry Sponsored Lunch Symposium
1430 Booth Visits


Simultaneous Session 4
MIS Training
Chair: Dr. Belinda Panares
Co-chair: Dr. Ina Irabon
Simultaneous Session 5
Issues in MIGS
Chair: Dr. Paula Cruz
Co-Chair: Dr. Ma. Regale Noemi Sotto
Simultaneous Session 6
Issues in MIGS
Chair: Dr. Joan Badua
Co-chair: Dr. Anna Belen Alensuela
1500  MIGS Philippine statistics
Speaker: Dr. Maria Antonia Habana
Postoperative Adhesion Formation and Prevention in Gynecologic laparoscopy
Speaker: Dr. Rajesh Devassy
What is the Same Mistake From LAP2 to LACC trial?
Speaker: Dr. Chyi Long Lee
1520 MIGS Education: Philippine Experience
Speaker: Dr. Prudence Aquino-Aquino
Office Hysteroscopy
Speaker: Dr. Attilio di Spiezio Sardo
Introduction of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound- HIFU for Fibroids and Adenomyosis
Speaker: Dr Keen Whye Lee
1540 Updates in PSGE Credentialing
Speaker: Dr. Corazon Zaida Gamilla
Pain control for Post- Minimally Invasive Surgery
Speaker: Dr. Peng-Hui Wang
Imaging modalities for Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis
Speaker: Dr. Lyra Ruth Clemente-Chua


Industry sponsored Snack Symposium

Industry sponsored Snack Symposium

Industry sponsored Snack Symposium

1600 Hysteroscopy in Residency training 
Speaker: Dr. Anne Marie Trinidad
Vaginal NOTES radial trachelectomy in early stage cervical cancer: case report Speaker: Dr. Aranya Yantapant Updates on laparoscopic approach in Urogynecology
Speaker: Dr. Lizette Jabson
1620 Video presentation by Fellows
Moderator: Dr. Joan Tan-Garcia
1720 Closing remarks
Overall Chair and Vice President Dr. Maria Antonia Habana

080 - 1230 17th Regional HYS Workshop (Karl Storz)
Regional Participants
Faculty: Dr. Rudi Campo